Election manifesto

The SVP International is campaigning for the following issues in the 2015 – 2019 Legislation:

  • Ensuring financial security for Swiss
  • Adequate consular services
  • International thinking instead of EU-bondage
  • Safeguarding the independence and neutrality of Switzerland
  • Clear policy on foreigners


Ensuring financial security for Swiss

Motto: Each Swiss (abroad) can have a Swiss bank account

Swiss expatriates or Swiss who have lived abroad for some time are often discriminated against both in financial services as well as in their retirement provisions.

The SVP International advocates:

  • Ensuring that each Swiss can have a bank account in Switzerland
  • Preventing the erosion of bank secrecy for Swiss citizens
  • Fewer disadvantages for Swiss Abroad in their retirement provision
  • Promoting the liberal economic policy of Switzerland


Adequate consular services

Motto: No mindless closure of consulates

The SVP International has taken a clear stand for years to be certain that Swiss Abroad and the Swiss economy experience stronger support from their overseas representatives such as consulates, embassies, chambers of commerce and other cooperating partners.

The SVP International contends for:

  • Ensuring the close and reliable functioning of the consular network
  • Inclusion and interactive participation of politicians in the Swiss Abroad sections of the parties, in committees, as well as in important commissions regarding the free movement of persons, social security, tax treaties, finance, research and training, and also foreign trade issues
  • Strengthening the Swiss Abroad as “ambassadors of our country” and neutral mediators


International thinking instead of EU-bondage

Motto: The world does not end at the border of Europe

The SVP International is committed to:

  • Worldwide recognition of the Swiss education system
  • Promote export and international economic cooperation by means of continued and additional free trade agreements and bilateral treaties
  • Strengthen scientific cooperation beyond the borders of Europe
  • Ensure, by contractual agreement, the implementation of the Deportation Initiative and the Mass Immigration Initiative


Protect the Direct Democracy, Independence, and Neutrality of Switzerland

Motto: Prevent creeping EU accession

The SVP International considers it extremely important to preserve the independence and neutrality of Switzerland. Corresponding to the acknowledgement that WE have our destiny in our own hands, the SVP International is committed to a number of points, among them, the following:

  • Consistent and unconditional implementation of the referenda (no undermining of democracy)
  • Safeguard Neutrality and thus our intermediary role abroad as well
  • Focus on Switzerland, the Swiss economy, and the protection of Swiss citizens at home and abroad
  • Prevent the creeping EU accession, as well as institutional agreements for the automatic adoption of laws and the acceptance of foreign judges
  • Secure independence by a modern, well-trained militia


Clear policy on foreigners

Motto: Immigrants need to demonstrate a willingness to integrate

Swiss expatriates know what it is like to be a foreigner.   They themselves adapt, integrate, and adhere to the rules of their host nations.  Whoever cannot provide his own living or violates the laws of the land can expect to be deported back to Switzerland.  This clear and consistent policy regarding foreigners needs to be valid in Switzerland as well.

The SVP International calls for the following:

  • Integration needs to be required of the immigrant; expensive government integration courses are senseless
  • Consistent implementation of the adopted popular initiative to deport foreign criminals– whoever fails to comply with the Swiss legal system needs to leave Switzerland
  • The independent control of immigration by way of a swift implementation of the adopted Mass Immigration Initiative
  • Voting and election rights for Swiss citizens only
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