Voting rules

1.    Registration:

You can register with the embassy either personally or by writing, using the form „Notification of a Swiss citizen abroad with voting rights”. Please indicate the municipality in which you would like to exercise your right to vote. You may indicate one of your municipalities of origin or one of your former municipalities of residence. Downlaod the notification form here 


2.    Voting documents

Before the elections, the responsible municipality will provide you with the voting documents. You are entitled to receive the documents in one of the three official languages; the language of your choice does not need to be the official language in this municipality. Please indicate your preference at the registration.


3.    Use the Swiss People’s Party’s (SVP) ballot

In different cantons, the SVP International maintains their own ballot with Swiss citizens abroad as candidates. In the remaining cantons, you may use either the SVP’s main ballot or the ballot of the Young SVP.

Please note: you are only allowed to use one ballot.


4.    If you would like to modify the ballot, there are 2 options:

Cumulating: You may write the name of one candidate twice on the ballot. Several candidates can be cumulated; however, each candidate may only appear twice on a ballot.

Splitting the vote: You may delete the name of a candidate on the ballot and replace it with a candidate of another ballot. It is possible to simultaneously split the vote and cumulate, and you may do this several times. But: candidates appointed from other ballots weaken the party of the ballot on which they are added, since the party vote is not counted.


5.    Voting from abroad

Please put your ballot into the voting envelope (only one ballot per election). Seal the envelope and then put it into the mailing envelope, including your cantonal identity card, if required. Send the envelope to the municipality in which you have chosen to vote. You are required to pay for the postage.

Furthermore, you are asked to carefully read the related instructions of your municipality.

Please note that the Swiss Confederation cannot influence postal service abroad and is, therefore, not responsible for a belated arrival of the voting documents.


6.    Voting in Switzerland

If you are in Switzerland at the time of the election, you can personally deposit your ballot or you can exercise your right to vote in writing. However, if you would like to vote personally, you are required to announce your stay in Switzerland at the municipality six weeks before the elections in order that the voting documents can be sent to you. You will have to collect them during office hours.

Vote SVP – Vote for Switzerland.

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